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Hub-and-Spoke Workspace

Unify Data from Your Physical and Digital Work Environments

We help you build a single source of truth for your entire organization and design augmented work reality, where physical or virtual components seamlessly integrate and compliment each other

Augmented Intelligence

Synchronize Physical & Virtual Workspace Data

Through leveraging multi-directional data flows companies can reveal unintuitive correlations among workspace physical factors, such as location, settings, on-site amenities, and employees' well-being, performance and behavior patterns.

augmented workplace
physical Component

The whole variety of spaces for employees to work from: HQ, home, 3rd spaces

digital Component

Your corporate collaboration and project management tools stack

Omni-Channel Workspace

Obtain 360 View of Employees' Workday Journey

Hundreds of thousands data components are being generated by the employees on daily basis, as they are performing their regular tasks using company's digital tools, as well as interacting with physical assets. We help you convert all that data into a holistic picture of employee experience, understand the interaction of both dimensions and deliver visual insights contextualized by role.

Run Pilot Experiments

Test your hypotheses about new workplace needs before making company-wide decisions and long term lease commitments.

Develop Integrated Metrics

Develop integrated performance metrics spanning different levels of organizational hierarchy, as well as business verticals.

Integrate Scenario Analysis

Create multiple scenarios around your hybrid workforce and workplace to see the bottom line effects and reach alignment across all units.

Unified Source of Truth

Your Hybrid Enterprise Intelligence Hub

We help you choose and organize your workplace tools as a unified system, which enables to radically shorten your learning cycle and obtain the most comprehensive view of what's happening in your organization in every location, at every moment of time..

The value of your proprietary data is compounding with every day, creating a base for running pilot experiments, hypothesis validation and benefiting from short learning cycles.

Workplace Data Hub

Workflow Data Points

Data is captured in automated and effortless way across all the digital and physical touch points and streamed to a single enterprise intelligence data hub.

Let us help you define your winning workplace transformation strategy