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Workplace and Portfolio Decisions Backed by Your Company Data

Agile & Effective Workplace Principles

Deliver Just-in-Time

Wherever and whenever your business requires - quickly deliver fully serviced workspaces to your global team.

Guide Assets Strategy

Base your decisions on your company's property ownership, measure the impact and mitigate risks.

Learn from Experiment

Test your hypotheses about new workplace needs before committing to long term lease.

Cut Operating Costs

Identify your employees' needs for on-site amenities & services and select best price offerings.

Measure Effectiveness

Quantify relative impact of workplace consumption on the company's bottom line.

Benchmark with Peers

Compare your distributed workplace costs with other companies in your area and your industry.

Data-Driven Insights We Deliver for You

Corporate Office Expenses

  • How much different departments / teams / employees in your company spend on their workplaces? 
  • How does that compare with other companies in your area?
  • How expenses are split among space rent, extra amenities and services?
  • How do long term-lease costs compare to short-term booking expenses?
  • Which types of workplaces should your company lease on long-term contract and which ones should it book on demand?


Office Occupancy and Utilization Dashboard

Vendors and Prices Comparison

  • Which space-as-a-service providers offer the most inclusive packages and cost-efficient deals? 
  • What are the best price offerings for extra services and amenities?
  • Who provides best quality spaces in your city according to your employees’ reviews and other corporate residents’ opinions?

Flexible Workspaces Composition Dashboard

Locational Dynamics

  • What are the locations preference patterns across cities and suburbs?
  • How do employees use the urban environment during their work hors?
  • How do commute patterns change under different hybrid working policies? 

Locational Preferences & Commuting Dashboard

Hybrid Workplace Resources

Let's see how we can help you with making confident real estate decisions!