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Leveraging People Data to Inform Post-Pandemic Workplace Policy

Analytics study for identifying hybrid work success factors

The goal of the study is to help organizations inform key decisions around hybrid workforce strategy and workplace configuration to effectively support it.

A working group of subject matter experts from HR, Finance and Real Estate fields will analyze corporate data sets, applying different research tools and methods, to identify new available approaches and solutions for the most business-critical questions related to hybrid working.

What Data Will Be Studied

We will analyze anonymized enterprise meta-data generated over the past 24 months by corporate tools and services, such as:

Examples of Business Questions

Our Approach


We go beyond numbers trying to answer why & how questions, to drill down into potential secondary and tertiary effects and long-term impact

Human Centric

We focus our search on actionable factors which can be translated into values for employees, such as perks and benefits


We track the chain of factors to the business outcomes and quantify the combined impact


You will receive a report covering the following aspects (to be specified during an intro call):

We will include information on how some of your metrics and trends compare to those of other companies within your industry and/or geographies, if the aggregated data pool from our research customers would allow us to do so.

How You Can Utilize Study Findings

This study is a look back at your past corporate data, aiming to provide you some clues to help predict success in the future. However, designing hybrid work policies is not a one-time decision but rather an ongoing optimization process.

There are a number of ways how you can use the study results in your future decision making process: 

What-If Scenarios

Projecting the spotted trends out into the future, adding more variables to the data models and running multiple scenarios

Real-Time Feedback

Updating the proposed models with real-time data allows to you to get instant feedback on your work policy initiatives

Extended Intelligence

Adding more integrations with data-generating services or tools used by employees for getting the holistic view

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