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Performance Metrics for Hybrid Companies

We will work with you to determine your most insightful and actionable metrics at department and company levels, design dashboards to track them in real time and develop role-based reporting plan.

Human Resources & Recruitment Metrics

Workplace Sentiments.
Perceived vs Actual Productivity

Referral Recuitment

Co-location, Commuting & Performance

categories for retention program with high to cost

Job Categories with the Highest Replacement Costs

objective vs self reported productivity

Correlation between Workplace Environment and Performance - survey outcomes vs passive data analysis

fit for remote score

Fit-for-Remote Performance Score
by Team, Role, Job Family

Real Estate & FM Metrics

Locational Preferences & Commuting

Understand how your employees move across city and suburbs during their workday. Optimize employees' commute time by providing them with optimal locations

Corporate Office Occupancy

Get insights into how your current office space is being used by employees; which areas remain underutilized; how costs of ownership or long term lease can be optimized

Corporate Office vs Satellite Spaces Usage

Understand the employees' choice criteria, analyze whether upgrade of pre-pandemic office space would change the patterns.

Flexible Workspaces

Define your best composition of on-demand spaces for work and meetings. Select the best market offerings

Financial Metrics

Flexible Workplace Expenses

Marginal Return Comparison

Sales Team Metrics

Lead Response Time & Outbound Calls

Client Pipeline Progression Trends

Lead Follow Up Trends

Contracts Value vs Expenses on Flex Meeting Rooms

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