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Workplace Change Management

Workplace Consulting Services

Benefit from our holistic range of workplace advisory services, from defining optimal real estate portfolio strategy, finding best space-as-a-service vendors, negotiating your lease agreements, to adopting new tech solutions to manage and measure your workplace systems, how people work and feel across distributed locations.

Right-Size Your Office Needs

What makes our approach different is the way we measure corporate workplace needs. Instead of relying on occupancy data, which shows how space is being used, we make a deep dive into people & processes data in order to understand how space should be used in order to drive productivity and engagement.

Portfolio Evaluation

Examine the owned portfolio, assess market value of assets, potential return from leasing them out, best price and time to sell, if necessary.

Lease Contracts Audit

Analyze current long term lease commitments, early termination costs, adequate renewal terms, and alternatives available on the market

Equipment Assessment

Understand whether current TV/AV and other equipment can support the demands of new working styles; assess potential cost of upgrade

Take Full Advantage of Changing Commercial Real Estate Market

We help companies move beyond the limiting office/home dichotomy and tap into immense new opportunities for flexible and productive working.

Choose the Right Technology

The evolution of physical work environment is shaped by people’s collaboration in virtual work environment. The rapid proliferation of digital work tools coupled with accelerated need to improve employee experience makes the task of building a meaningful workplace tech stack a real challenge.

Reduce Time to Value

Choose systems and tools that will start benefiting your business from day one

Minimize Adoption Effort

Understand how much time the onboarding process would take for your employees

Choose Best Offers

Understand the pricing model and hidden costs, select the right services package

Integrate with Ease

Make sure that your technology is compatible with your current enterprise stack

Allow for Customization

Choose solutions that can be easily tailored to your changing needs

Collect and Explore Data

Choose tools that allow to deliver real time insights from end-user generated data

Compare ROI Effects

We help you translate the people and processes requirements into the language of FM, Finance & Operations, predict secondary and tertiary effects of your portfolio and policies decisions and mitigate risks.

Workforce Impacts

Project potential long term effects of real estate decisions on company's ability to meet expectations of the future workforce, attract and retain talents locally and globally

Business Agility

Understand implications of portfolio decision on company's ability to quickly react and make adjustments, based on changing internal needs and external context

Bottom Line Effects

Build mid and long term models based on different portfolio scenarios to assess integrated financial outcomes, potential costs of risk and ROI opportunities

Achieve Stakeholder Alignment & Organization-Wide Visibility

We help create effective algorithms for internal communication and decision making, so that office lease decisions and ownership strategy support department-level objectives and overall business strategy.

Metrics Aligned to Common Goal

HRs, Finance, Real Estate teams, and Business Units Leads - all have the full understanding of how successful their collective progress is.

Coordination at All Levels

Identify and resolve issues and conflicts within and between various project stakeholders. Managing trade-offs between employee flexibility expectations, managers' control requirements and workplace cost effectiveness.

Continuous Advancement

Move from descriptive towards diagnostic approach by applying wider range of analytical models to your information originating from infinite number of integral and external points.

Extensible Intelligence System

We help companies get on the accelerated path and build integrated data ecosystem in a short time. Analysts and non-technical team leaders can start experimenting with those baseline data layers, adding component on top of them, running multiple regression analysis and applying new models.

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