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Your Workplace Is Your Business Value Driver, Not an Overhead

Our Mission

Work Mobile helps organizations design and scale novel workplace models suitable for the hybrid era of work, fostering people's and organizations' best performance, supporting inclusion and diversity, elevating professional facilities standards, and reinforcing sustainability practices.

Our Principles

People over Places

Every organization's top priority is to attract, retain and develop best people - regardless of where they prefer to work and live.

Beyond home & office

Hybrid work environment should not be limited to the binary scenario, but rather embrace the variety of Space-as-a-Service options available today.

Every Voice Matters

Crating an optimal hybrid workplace has to be a bottom-up discovery process, rather than a top-down decision.

Data Feedback Loop

Automated integration of data from digital and physical workplace tools enables effortless insights, continuous learning and improvements.

Stakeholder Alignment

HRs, Real Estate, Finance and IT need to have a sit at the workplace strategy table in order to align efforts around business goals.

Short Cycle Experiments

Companies need to leverage very recent data to be able to learn and adjust quickly in the context of modern business realities.

Our Team

Mariia Kutkina

Mariia Kutkina

Workplace Strategist, Founder & CEO

Mariia is a commercial real estate expert with 12+ years of global experience.
Her current focus is developing enterprise workplace strategies and transformation programs by integrated data analytics.

Andrew Ivchenko

Behavioral Analytics Consultant

Andrew is behavioral scientist, researcher and professor.
He designs digital experiments for businesses and public agencies to generate evidence-based insights on human behavior and design nudges.

Urs Rothmayr

Urs Rothmayer

Advisor, Corporate Innovation​

Urs is a corporate venture and intrapreneurship consultant, serial entrepreneur and mentor.
He helps large enterprises realize their need for innovation to sustain competitive advantage, and allow new ventures to be built in a corporate setting.

Chris Baudler

People Analytics Consultant​

Chris is an advisor and executive consultant in the fields of people and workplace analytics, and a featured author for tech and real estate topics.
He has worked with leadership on over 20 workplace strategy projects - impacting the experience of over a million employees.

Kai Greentree

ESG & Sustainability Consultant

Kai has been active in a variety of sustainability-related research and action projects for public, commercial, and not-for-profit sectors.
He covers a range of topics, from carbon footprinting to corporate ESG goals as a part of strategic business development and change management.

Yulia Kruchinina

Accounting Consultant

Yulia is US GAAG accounting and bookkeeping consultant.

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