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Hybrid workforce strategy

Elevate Your Employee Value Proposition

Stand out as an employer-of-choice by offering first-class employee experience and workplace-related perks.

Strategic approach to employee experience (EX) is a new must for companies that want to stay relevant to the modern business environment. HR's role at the strategy table has become critical for any organization's long term success.

Productivity and Engagement

Support Your Workforce Strategy with Effective Workplace Arrangements

Foster Engagement and Inclusion at Workplace

Cultivate a team environment that promotes and supports diversity, inclusion, innovation, and partner with workplace strategists to reflect that across all your locations.

Elevate Company's Employer Brand

Leverage workplace strategy to craft an attractive employer's brand, to differentiate from competitors, support transformation and innovation

Tap into Global Talent Pool with Confidence

Identify job roles which are successfully done with minimal co-location time and cover those vacancies with remote talent.

Employee Experience

Take Your Strategic Role at the C-Table

We help HRs elevate their role at the strategy table by effectively communicating the modern workplace needs to Real Estate and Finance teams in order to win and retain top talent.

Case for the C-Suite

Creating a compelling business case backed by objective data, put into broader context of external talent market trends

Case for Real Estate & FM

Communicate your findings on what exactly is required from the workplace in order to meet employees' needs and expectations

Case for Finance Team

Deliver financial projections on how different workplace scenarios could affect the bottom line over long term

Workforce Strategy

Drive Your Company's Transformation Process

By putting their goals into the whole company context, HRs can drive alignment across business units and get everyone's buy-in for proposed work policies and initiatives.

Workforce ROI Effects

Present potential ROI effects from hybrid workforce strategy and working policies decisions

Secure Talent Supply

Quantify the risks of facing workforce gap in case if employees workplace needs are not met

Retention Programs

Secure resources to run talent retention campaigns for the most critical job families

Guide Workplace Strategy with Objective Data Insights on People Performance, Engagement and Well-Being

Workplace Policy

reach consensus Faster

Assess remote-readiness for different job roles to identify and solve the unique challenges they face when working out of office, home, and third locations. .

  • Which roles performance gets most affected by co-location patterns?
  • Which teams are affected in engagement and productivity when allowed to work remotely and should be co-located most of time?
  • If team members co-locate in smaller groups in a few locations closer to where they live, how does performance compare to when they all work at one place? When they all work from home? 
  • How do work settings correlate to employees’ deadlines being met? 
  • Are different tasks performed faster when done remote / full day co-location / on-demand co-location?
  • How does professional or informal ambience affect efficiency?
  • Are there any bottlenecks created by lack of co-location?

Organizational Alignment

Balance needs and Expectations

Explore how combinations of physical workplace factors effect employees' behavior patterns. Compare objective data with survey results about people's own productivity estimations.

  • What services and amenities do employees want to have access to? Which ones do they consistently use? 
  • What formats and ambiences drive positive effect on team engagement?
  • Which locations do employees prefer when given free choice? 
  • How do work hours change under different workplace policies? 

ROI-Driven Approach

Talk Numbers

  • How do aggregated costs per employee compare under different workplace policies?
  • Which departments or teams are least efficient in their space expenses?
  • Which workspace amenities and services can be part of compensation packages to optimize payroll?
  • How to optimize cost of workplace safety and employee insurance?

Workplace Sentiments

Track Change in Real Time

Combine employee survey results with objective internal and external data to manage your employer brand sentiments

  • How different workplace initiatives reflect in employees’ sentiments? 
  • How flexible are your work policies in comparison to your industry competitors? 

Let us help you translate your needs into a compelling business case!